5 technological trends in business

While consumers are naturally more sensitive to new technological trends affecting their daily lives, several of them have a major impact on the business world. From internal data management to human resources through inter-team work processes, here are a few examples.

In order to remain competitive in a world that moves faster and faster, the company must continually reinvent itself. This often involves the use of new technologies that improve various internal processes.

Artificial intelligence

The IA , we hear about for several years, and for good reason, treatment algorithms of data has phenomenal impact on our society. In business, these complex techniques come into play at several levels. Some companies establish marketing or sales analyzes and forecasts to be more responsive. Others use these clever calculations to optimize customer relationship management to improve the flow of returns or the sales journey.
Among the tools specializing in professional data processing, let us note Microsoft Power BI or SiSense , platforms allowing to digest and process internal data in order to facilitate decision-making on the strategies to be implemented.

Smart working

Originally appeared in the early XX th century to facilitate the monitoring of employees, the bullpen has been democratized from 1980 This open space could promote exchanges between employees. But the reality is different. And meetings or presentations are top-down at best, and at worst, conducted in front of a group of people peering at their smartphones . Faced with this observation, several companies offer solutions to boost exchanges.

Klaxoon or Miro , for example, have developed suites of collaborative tools accessible from a smartphone or a computer so that each employee can actively participate in meetings or brainstorming sessions via voting or polling modules.

Augmented reality
Unlike virtual reality , augmented reality affix an overlay to the real environment through a device eye , such as glasses or a headset. Several companies have started to use it, always with the aim of increasing productivity, whether it is to monopolize several architects or designers around the world on the same project or to operate complex technical assistance remotely. .

With Hololens , its mixed reality headset (virtual and augmented), Microsoft was the first company to position itself in the professional sector. We also find the Magic Leap 1 , the latest reference in the field .

Customized information system
In business, to remain competitive and optimize resources with precision, it is necessary to change the internal operating process. Each company has its own specific needs and these evolve rapidly. The integrator of professional software solutions must therefore adapt to the demands of each one while being reactive .

Codilog thus offers the SAP Fiori solution, a web- oriented and mobility-oriented graphic environment allowing integrator to easily deploy tailor-made and flexible ERPs.

Human resources
The field of human resources is also undergoing a transformation thanks to various tools facilitating the recruitment, co-optation or simply the participation of employees on various internal projects.

Cocoworker offers companies to allow employees to exchange words of appreciation following the finalization of a cross-team project. This mark of recognition, called Kiff, would allow a better development of employees.

Goshaba has designed various solutions to identify the right candidates, test their knowledge in an original way or analyze internal skills for mobility needs.

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