Nearby Share is finally available for some Android phones

Integrated into Android 11, direct file sharing between Android phones is finally available. But not for everyone since it primarily concerns Pixel and Samsung smartphones.

Expected in Android 11, which is scheduled for release in September, the Nearby Share function is finally making its official appearance. This is Google that the ad, and it’s because event is the response to AirDrop, this feature of iOS so convenient to send files between Apple devices, including two iPhone . No need for an app , AirDrop takes care of everything. And it has been like this for almost 10 years!

Better than late than never for Android, but Google says all the same that this arrival remains gradual. If it concerns smartphones integrating Android 6 and later, for the moment, only Samsung and Pixel models can benefit from it. This will be effective through the update of Android services. Google ensures that other brands will soon be affected and we are obviously thinking of smartphones from Chinese brands like Huawei, OnePlus or Xiaomi.

Coming soon to Chrome OS

What Google also announces is the upcoming arrival of this function on Chromebook, via its Chrome OS operating system . Again, it is to respond to Apple which integrates this function in MacOS. For PCs and Macs, no announcement, but it should be possible thanks to a future update of the Chrome browser .

It will then be easy to transfer files from a smartphone to your computer , without cables or Internet connection .

For transferring even large files without any internet connection, Nearby Share combines Bluetooth , Bluetooth Low Energy, WebRTC and Peer-to-peer Wi-Fi . All in a secure way, and it is also possible to hide your device and, of course, disable the function so as not to transfer files by mistake.

Nearby Sharing: Google-style AirDrop is coming soon to Android

Google is currently working on Nearby Sharing, a proximity sharing service for Android mobiles equivalent to the Apple AirDrop. Specialists from XDA-Developers managed to activate it and showed how it works in a video.
AirDrop is a very handy feature on Apple devices. It allows files to be easily shared with other terminals located nearby. As this system is absent from theAndroid ecosystem , Xiaomi, Vivo and Oppo have teamed up to create a home equivalent.

However, Google is also developing its own equivalent to AirDrop.
Google had been offering since 2011 a nearby sharing service between mobiles operating by NFC . It was called Android Beam, but it turned out to be very slow and inconvenient. A new sharing service close to Google has therefore been developed.

Originally it was called Fast Share, but has since been renamed to Nearby Sharing. Specialists from XDA-Developers have managed to activate it on Google Pixel smartphones , but also a OnePlus 7T to test its functions.

Direct, simple and fast transfers

The service works by combining location, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Bluetooth and location are used to detect other smartphones located nearby, and the tool also indicates that it is necessary for devices to be placed within 30cm of each other for the exchange to work. This is undoubtedly a security measure.

It is also possible to make your mobile invisible. In this case, you must activate Nearby Sharing from its shortcut in the notifications bar to receive a transfer.

Once the link has been established via Bluetooth, the two terminals create a direct Wi-Fi connection to exchange data. This helps ensure much faster transfers, including a 3.5 GB file sent in just over two minutes between two Google Pixels .

According to XDA Developers, the function is integrated into Google Play, and should therefore be available on most Android mobile devices. But no release date has yet been revealed. It is possible that Google will say more at its annual I / O conference next May.

Xiaomi, Vivo and Oppo create the equivalent of Apple’s AirDrop on Android
Article by Fabrice Auclert, published on 08/20/2019

Three Chinese manufacturers have decided to create a wireless service to transfer files from one smartphone to another. Exactly as Apple offers with its AirDrop.

How to transfer a file from one smartphone to another, whether it is a photo or even a video? If both devices are iPhones, it’s very easy since Apple offers the AirDrop function . On Android, it’s less intuitive since you have to use the cloud, email or instant messaging to perform the same operation. You can also use the Android Beam function, but it is reserved for smartphones equipped with NFC chips , and therefore remains little used. Moreover, the option no longer appears in the next Android …

But soon, this gap could be filled as The Verge reveals that Xiaomi , Oppo and Vivo, three Chinese manufacturers, have decided to develop their own wireless file transfer service.

Google is also working on a competing function of AirDrop
Available in a few days in beta , this “Chinese-style” AirDrop will combine Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to transfer files from one smartphone to another. Bluetooth to detect and pair with the targeted smartphone, then Wi-Fi for transferring the file (s). The promise : a theoretical speed of 20 Mb / s for data transfer. A brand absent in this Chinese “consortium”:

Huawei , the number 2 in global sales. For now, the Chinese manufacturer prefers to develop its own solution …

As for Google, it will finally offer an alternative worthy of the name with Fast Share. It will be AirDrop à la Google but we will have to wait for the release of Android Q to take advantage of it. It remains to be seen whether all these solutions will be compatible with each other. The ideal would obviously be that we can transfer a file from an iPhone to an Android smartphone.

This would be expected with Fast Share provided you have a Google account.

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